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Work for sustainable development of small islands; ex-Peace Corps (Volunteer and staff) in LA & Caribbean; cruised Caribbean on S/Y Meander for three years; like small tropical islands, French canals, Umbria, Tasmania, and NZ. Married 50 years. Former President (1995 to 2016) of Island Resources Foundation.

Another Study Showing Economic Disadvantage Inflicted by Racism

from the Business Section of the Sunday New York Times, 8 October 2017 Pinpointing Racial Discrimination by Government Officials Economic View By JUSTIN WOLFERS OCT. 6, 2017 Credit:  Dani Pendergast A team of economists has uncovered persuasive evidence that local … Continue reading

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The New Gilded Age

from the on-line Washington Post: The 202 The Daily 202: Why a Republican strategist thinks we’re in a new Gilded Age By James Hohmann October 4   President Trump tossed paper towel rolls to people affected by Hurricane Maria as … Continue reading

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Semi-Free Speech; or maybe Hemi-Semi Free …

from Margaret Sullivan’s Style column, 24 Sept. 2017 Perspective The civil rights and Vietnam protests changed America. Today, they might be illegal.   In this scene from the PBS documentary “The Vietnam War,” college students protest in Boston on Oct. … Continue reading

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The Bozos Strike Again — EPA Breaks Contract with Bay Journal

In the Pruitt EPA, even when they might do important, good things, like Bay restoration, they don’t want us to know about it. The Bay Journal is THE BEST reporting there is on Bay restoration. from the Newport News Daily Press  … Continue reading

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States’ Rights: Not Federal Rights, Not Local Rights

from the NY Times, 6 July 2017. . .  TURF BATTLES Blue Cities Want to Make Their Own Rules. Red States Won’t Let Them.   Emily Badger @emilymbadger               JULY 6, 2017 Photo Hundreds of … Continue reading

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If You Can Count More Than Three: Nine Obamacare Reforms Worth Doing

[This article is by Steven Brill, whose biography is more interesting than the squib on this excerpt from Sunday’s Washington Post. Most pertinent new information is that over the course of about three years in the early 2000’s, Brill flipped from … Continue reading

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Politico: How’d THAT Work Out?

from Politico Magazine LETTER FROM COLORADO SPRINGS The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise The residents of Colorado Springs undertook a radical experiment in government. Here’s what they got. By CALEB HANNAN July/August 2017 Colorado Springs has always leaned … Continue reading

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