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The US Bloom is off the Rose of Globalization

from the Sunday Business section of the Washington Post: <; This analysis, however, does not hold for developing countries, especially small islands, who remain very dependent on overseas trade issues like natural resources (fish, alumina), tourism, and offshore financial processing … Continue reading

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Jean Wiener Islands and Island Nations 2015 Goldman Prize Recipient

From the Goldman Prize web site: <; Jean Wiener Islands and Island Nations 2015 Goldman Prize Recipient In a country plagued by extreme poverty and political instability, Jean Wiener led community efforts to establish the nation’s first Marine Protected Areas … Continue reading

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For Our Friend Sherry: “The Giant Rats That Save Lives”

from Sunday, 19 April, 2015, NY TImes Op Ed by Nicolas Kristof . . . [This is especially for Sherry, who served one of her dozen-and-a-half “Doctors Without Borders” tours in Angola, where she described her entire tour as “preparing … Continue reading

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I think I saw the Same Headline 40 Years Ago When I Lived in the USVI

From the “E-Edition” of the Virgin Islands Daily News at <; Scathing IG report urges EPA to takeover some V.I. programs Mismanagement cost USVI $37M in grants Audit recommends feds take control A scathing audit released Friday by the Environmental … Continue reading

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Three Months and 12 Days since Last Kayak

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Here’s the CASSE Petition for a Sustainable World

Read it and then go to <; to sign it on-line at the web page for the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) Whereas: 1) Economic growth, as defined in standard economics textbooks, is an increase … Continue reading

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“County Defeats Proposals to Change Stormwater Fees ” Doesn’t someone have an oak stake . . . ?

Not sure this “interim win” for the supporters of the essential Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (yes, the “Rain Tax,” as it’s labeled by the right) for repairing the streams and watersheds in Anne Arundel County has been shared on … Continue reading

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