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Western Caribbean Yachts Negligent in Monitoring their Anchorage Practices

Fortunately stuff like this DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE EASTERN CARIBBEAN . . . . from the Cayman Islands — Billionaire’s yacht blamed for coral reef damage By James Whittaker – January 26, 2016 Paul Allen’s yacht Tatoosh is … Continue reading

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Financial Times on Financial Shenanigans Using the Cayman Islands

[After spending a couple of hours watching the movie The Big Short, this all seems pretty normal banking practice, but involving a small island sort of elevates it to a higher plane. Pun intended.  bp] FT Alphaville Why this subprime … Continue reading

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Hamburg, NY

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Official Development Assistance (ODA) Again Fails to Meet Goals/Recommendations/Commitments

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has reported that official development assistance (ODA) for 2015 has decreased to the least developed countries, and as a percent of the Gross National Income of the donor states. Check especially the … Continue reading

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The “Wise Use” Roots of the Bundy Seizure of the Federal Refuge in Oregon

The Sunday New York Times provides some of this background <;, but the 12-year-old piece quoted below from the September 2004 Sierra Club Magazine <; is clearer about the links to Wise Use and militants in the West, including especially … Continue reading

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Capital Gazette Profile: Erik Michelsen, Anne Arundel Watershed Protection and Restoration Program

An excellent profile of the man, and description of the program, by E. B. (Pat) Furgurson III at <; People to watch: Erik Michelsen Watershed Protection and Restoration Program Administrator Erik Michelsen oversees the administration of the county’s multi-million dollar … Continue reading

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Science Magazine 4 December 2015: Protected Areas and Global Conservation of Migratory Birds — p 1255

An article by Runge, Watson, Butchart, Hanson, Possingham and Fuller. at <; Bruce bpotter

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First Confusing Health Note of 2016

from the Washington Post Wonkblog: <; Wonkblog The surprising thing ancient mummies tell us about what to eat By Peter Whoriskey December 31, 2015 A reconstruction of a 5,000-year-old man based on his mummified remains that were found in the … Continue reading

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