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Gerrymandering: The Root of All Evil [NOT]

This deep analysis of gerrymandering, from a joint study by “FiveThirtyEight” and the “Cook Political Report” is from Dan Balz’s The Sunday Take political analysis column in the Washington Post. Gerrymandering is the root of all political evil. Or is it?  … Continue reading

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National Action Plan for Open Government, version 4.0

[Not sure that this news represents a vote of confidence in the Open Government movement or support for it by the US Government . . . At the least, the less-than-24-hours advance notice of the postponement of the meeting evinces … Continue reading

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When “Alternate Truth” Starts to Drive US Government Policy — e.g., today. . .

[There’s a point at which I stop being bemused by the blunders and lies — which cannot be distinguished from each other, because the perpetrators themselves DO NOT KNOW the difference — of the New Regime. This report from the … Continue reading

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