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Pennsylvania Tries to Get Chesapeake Bay Pollution Right . . .

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette <; [No wonder Pennsylvania is doing such a bad job meeting its pollution-reduction goals. According to this article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, they’re trying to remove potassium as a major pollutant, and the Chesapeake Bay Program … Continue reading

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Public Policy, Inc.

[The issue discussed here is not particular to the Trump administration, but it does illuminate many of the driving forces for basic policy positions.  bp] PostEverything Analysis The traditional think tank is withering. In its place? Bankers and consultants. How … Continue reading

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“Independent Work,” Freelancers, or Capitalist Exploitation?

from the Stanford Social Innovation Review — check at the bottom of this article for a link to a free webinar on this topic on January 25th, 2017, paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Freedom, Insecurity, and Future of Independent … Continue reading

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Good Statement About E-Mail-Gate

This column from the respected Matt Iglesias, a commentator at is the way the whole e-mail thing seems to me, based on my pretty extensive experience with internet tools over the past 20 years, to be about the way … Continue reading

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AEROSOLS: A New Climate Change Challenge

[From the March/April edition of Foreign Affairs (page 135). I am surprised by the breadth and complexity of the aerosol issues, which add a major dimension to my understanding of the climate change dilemma.] The Next Front on Climate Change How … Continue reading

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Capital Gazette: Driven to serve: Watershed leader Kincey Potter honored by bay trust

From the Capital Gazette, about Kincey’s ” Ellen Fraites Wagner Award” from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, for her efforts at watershed restoration and Bay improvements over the past 13 years. Driven to serve: Watershed leader Kincey Potter honored by bay … Continue reading

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Official Development Assistance (ODA) Again Fails to Meet Goals/Recommendations/Commitments

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has reported that official development assistance (ODA) for 2015 has decreased to the least developed countries, and as a percent of the Gross National Income of the donor states. Check especially the … Continue reading

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