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De-Risking Is De-Linking Small States From Global Finance

Working in sustainable development of small islands, it’s not hard to get blind-sided by bad (or sometimes good!) news from unexpected sources. This article from NASDAQ may spell tough times for many islands — not only financial services specialists. from … Continue reading

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Guana Island Research Film Documents “French Grunt” Behaviors in the BVI

Fascinating link from Lianna Jarecki, the coordinator of the well-respected science programs at Guana Island, in the British Virgin Islands. Maybe it’s just the geek in me, but I really think these projects that convey how science is done are … Continue reading

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1st of 2 Annapolis Stories: Washington Post: Woman, two teenagers charged in what police call a love-triangle slaying

Woman, two teenagers charged in what police call a love-triangle slaying The Md. mother enlisted the teens to plan the murder of her husband and their female housemate, officials say. A note from Bruce Potter

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He claimed to be ex-CIA and was quoted as an expert on Fox News. Prosecutors say it was a lie. from The Washington Post

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Climate change causing biggest coral destruction in the Caribbean

Source: Climate change causing biggest coral destruction in the Caribbean

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John Ashe,the UN and the media

from a blog by Felix Dodds, a friend and well respected commentator on international development and especially the Sustainable Development Agenda. . . . OCT 8 John Ashe,the UN and the media I wasn’t going to blog on this … Continue reading

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Good Sense about Morality from the NewScientist

On-line at <; Morality 2.0: How manipulating our minds could save the world [Emphasis added] Our moral instincts are failing to cope with the dilemmas of the modern world. Is it time to use tricks, pills or brain zaps to … Continue reading

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