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At Last! An Understandable ICE Policy

News in Brief from The Onion ICE Opens Interdimensional Detention Center To Indefinitely Imprison Immigrants Across Infinite Number Of Multiverses Today 11:36am BRANE MULTIVERSE 378-C—In an effort to better comply with recent moves to abolish limits on migrant detention, ICE … Continue reading

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No-take marine areas help fishers (and fish) far more than we thought

[Good overview of current research in a fast changing theme, but neglects the importance of rigorously enforced MPAs as “seed stock” in post disaster recovery after massive events such as mega hurricanes — this effect is being observed in some … Continue reading

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Insights into our current Governance Crisis


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Possible Need for a Tweak to “Pure” Capitalism

[Washington Post, page A15, July 25, 2019, < > Graphics at the website.] Private equity’s role in retail has killed 1.3 million jobs, study says Women and people of color have been disproportionately affected by closures at debt-saddled stores … Continue reading

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Reasons People Think Government, including the Military, are IDIOTS

From the Washington Post, 10 July 2019 < > How many admirals were busted back to midshipman for this stupid plan? Oh, about zero. How many admirals should have been busted back to midshipman for planning 100,000 takeoffs and … Continue reading

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Caneel Bay Being Held for $70 Million Ransom

From the <; Go to the website to see the pretty sensible 46 comments. . . . Great island story. Maybe they can get Jeffrey Eptstein to take over the lease and set up a (wink, wink) summer camp, ya … Continue reading

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Gerry Mander

From the Washington Post, 14 May 2019, page A17, or < > — also copied at – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

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