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Kids Don’t Work. How Do They Learn to Work?

Guess this qualifies as an old fool’s rant. . . From Bloomberg News

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‘An embarrassment’: U.S. health care far from the top in global study

Just to be clear — I’m not embarrassed, I’m MAD. More controversial research from those scientists at the University of Washington,from the Washington Post <; To Your Health: US Ranks about 39th out of 195 Countries By Ariana Eunjung Cha  … Continue reading

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Key Medical Costs Issue: Indecipherable Medical Bills

Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much Hospitals have learned to manipulate medical codes — often resulting in mind-boggling bills. BY ELISABETH ROSENTHAL           MARCH 29, 2017 The catastrophe struck Wanda Wickizer on Christmas Day 2013. … Continue reading

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From the Economist: Foreign AID Foodchain

So the little NGOs get eaten up by the mega-international NGOs like The Nature Conservancy, WWF, etc. . .  and THEY get displaced by the international consultants. . . . . . and everything just keeps getting better and better. … Continue reading

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“Twitter Bots:” Recreation on-line that’s good for your brain

from the NY Times: <; SCIENCE Six Bots That Deliver Science and Serendipity on Twitter Trilobites By STEPH YIN,  APRIL 28, 2017 Photo An image from the Twitter account @mothgenerator, a bot that generates intricate images of imaginary moths and names … Continue reading

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Holiday Giftlet

The fascinating story of tiny Ile Tromelin, as published in the double holiday edition of The Economist. via Lèse humanité | The Economist.

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Funny Story from The Week Magazine

> “A Singapore Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after emissions from a flock [sic] of flatulent goats triggered smoke alarms. The cargo plane was en route from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, carrying 2,186 goats, when crewmembers heard … Continue reading

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