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‘An embarrassment’: U.S. health care far from the top in global study

Just to be clear — I’m not embarrassed, I’m MAD. More controversial research from those scientists at the University of Washington,from the Washington Post <; To Your Health: US Ranks about 39th out of 195 Countries By Ariana Eunjung Cha  … Continue reading

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Commemoration of Bay Watermen in Chestertown

This from the Kent County News. If you like this, check the wonderful photo book Working the Water by Jay Fleming Reflecting on the golden age of watermen By LEANN SCHENKE    PHOTO BY LEANN SCHENKE Ron Fithian, … Continue reading

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Key Medical Costs Issue: Indecipherable Medical Bills

Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Health Care Costs So Much Hospitals have learned to manipulate medical codes — often resulting in mind-boggling bills. BY ELISABETH ROSENTHAL           MARCH 29, 2017 The catastrophe struck Wanda Wickizer on Christmas Day 2013. … Continue reading

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From the Economist: Foreign AID Foodchain

So the little NGOs get eaten up by the mega-international NGOs like The Nature Conservancy, WWF, etc. . .  and THEY get displaced by the international consultants. . . . . . and everything just keeps getting better and better. … Continue reading

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