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The Boomers’ Fail

Ron Morgan called my attention to this profound critique of modern social/political deficits by David Brooks from the NY Times, May 29th. —————— The Strange Failure of the Educated Elite By David Brooks Opinion Columnist May 28, 2018 CreditBrian Snyder/Reuters … Continue reading

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“Bizarre Spikes” Becomes a Standard Feature of Climate Change — not just in the Arctic

Check it out — an opinion piece from E&E in February of 2018. from Medium <; Michael K. Spencer  The original business insider. A tech Futurist and Editor of FutureSin. WeChat: mikekevinspencer Feb 27 2018 Arctic Alarms Climate Scientists with … Continue reading

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Book about Providencia or New Providence, or ¿Santa Catalina?

from the New York Times Book Review section for Sunday, 13 May 2018 — NONFICTION Pirates, Runaways, Smugglers and the Occasional Aristocrat   Review By Michael Pye                           … Continue reading

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Tools for Change — Donor Advised Funds

from Slate [personal note — Kincey and I have a couple of donor advised funds, funded through local Community Foundations. Commercial fund managers like Fidelity are not the only tools that can be used by individuals to set up a Donor … Continue reading

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One Way to Stop Killing Our Reefs . . . .

from Slate <; FUTURE TENSE Get Sunburned, or Contribute to the Death of Coral Reefs Sunscreen producers are putting tourists in a no-win situation. By RACHEL WITHERS MAY 07, 20185:55 AM Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Thinkstock. Future Tense … Continue reading

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Samuelson on Health

Some adult talk about solving the heath care standoff from the Sunday, April 30th, Washington Post OpEd pages, by economic guru Robert J. Samuelson: There’s a genuine solution to our health-care problem By Robert J. Samuelson          … Continue reading

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