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Unhealthy Politics in Congress

from The Upshot at the NY Times. The Unhealthy Politics of Pork: How It Increases Your Medical Costs The term pork barrel spending has been around for well over 100 years. It means using government funds on local projects that … Continue reading

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Fresno Resurgent: Progress in Surprising Places

from the Non-Profit Quarterly Fresno Drives toward a Strong and Sustainable Community-Based Economy By STEVE DUBB October 17, 2017; Next City Fresno, California’s fifth-most-populous city, defies many stereotypes we may have of the Golden State. Be honest: When you think … Continue reading

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Another Study Showing Economic Disadvantage Inflicted by Racism

from the Business Section of the Sunday New York Times, 8 October 2017 Pinpointing Racial Discrimination by Government Officials Economic View By JUSTIN WOLFERS OCT. 6, 2017 Credit:  Dani Pendergast A team of economists has uncovered persuasive evidence that local … Continue reading

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The New Gilded Age

from the on-line Washington Post: The 202 The Daily 202: Why a Republican strategist thinks we’re in a new Gilded Age By James Hohmann October 4   President Trump tossed paper towel rolls to people affected by Hurricane Maria as … Continue reading

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