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“Twitter Bots:” Recreation on-line that’s good for your brain

from the NY Times: <; SCIENCE Six Bots That Deliver Science and Serendipity on Twitter Trilobites By STEPH YIN,  APRIL 28, 2017 Photo An image from the Twitter account @mothgenerator, a bot that generates intricate images of imaginary moths and names … Continue reading

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Overseas and International NGO’s Being Handicapped by US-Imposed Restrictions

{The issues discussed in this article about obstacles faced by non-profits working in humanitarian fields in war zones is actually only one aspect of US-inspired and -enforced regulations that affect all manner of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, especially in developing countries, … Continue reading

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As Coral Reefs Die . . .

An important article from the Washington Post: <; Energy and Environment As coral reefs die, huge swaths of the seafloor are deteriorating along with them By Chris Mooney April 20 at 9:00 AM This Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) near Buck … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Tries to Get Chesapeake Bay Pollution Right . . .

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette <; [No wonder Pennsylvania is doing such a bad job meeting its pollution-reduction goals. According to this article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, they’re trying to remove potassium as a major pollutant, and the Chesapeake Bay Program … Continue reading

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Public Policy, Inc.

[The issue discussed here is not particular to the Trump administration, but it does illuminate many of the driving forces for basic policy positions.  bp] PostEverything Analysis The traditional think tank is withering. In its place? Bankers and consultants. How … Continue reading

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