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Killed Off Half the Oysters in 20 Years

From the Bay Journal (you know, the one that EPA tried to de-fund — yeah, that Bay Journal) [This story is particularly poignant for me, given the recent death of Kincey Potter, my wife and a strong and effective advocate … Continue reading

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Cape May – Thanksgiving 2018 – Thank You, America

So this year the Potter/Paganos’ holiday party happened to take place in Cape May, New Jersey last weekend. Here’s brother Peter Potter’s capture of the Inn at Cape May, followed by National Public Radio’s crowd-sourced “Thank You America,” assembled from … Continue reading

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RESEARCH REPORT: Real Estate at Risk, by State, from Sea Level Rise until 2050

This research study by Climate Central and Zillow, the real estate listing firm, contains a great deal of data and information graphics that we urge you to check out in the original website, below: Ocean at the Door: New … Continue reading

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Playing Catch Up in the War Against Domestic Terrorism

This article from Janet Reitman appeared in the NY Times Magazine ā€” Iā€™d urge you to read it there (in hard copy or the link here ā€”<; ā€” for the graphics, but the information is important enough that I thought … Continue reading

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