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Pennsylvania Tries to Get Chesapeake Bay Pollution Right . . .

from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette <; [No wonder Pennsylvania is doing such a bad job meeting its pollution-reduction goals. According to this article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, they’re trying to remove potassium as a major pollutant, and the Chesapeake Bay Program … Continue reading

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Success: Why Strong Stormwater Regs, Rigorously Applied are Important.

… after three inches of rain, the silt fence and hay bales held.

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Hooray! Runoff is becoming Mainstream

A note from Bruce Potter

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So If Miami Can’t Protect Corals When Everyone is Looking . . . . . ???

from Sunday NY Times: <; Despite Protections, Miami Port Project Smothers Coral Reef in Silt By LIZETTE ALVAREZ MARCH 7, 2015 Photo A barge at the Port of Miami is part of a dredging program that activists say is hurting … Continue reading

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Dissolved Oxygen at the Head of Church Creek for 20 days June to July

These are the monitoring results from Church Creek, a sub-watershed in the South River watershed, early in the season — before it gets bad. Provided by a continuous monitor (“Connie” the con-mon) at the head of the tidal portion of the … Continue reading

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An NGO Making a Difference: South River Federation, Annapolis, MD

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Beavers versus Humans — A Case of Underfunded Infrastructure

The April 13th Bay Journal has a great OpEd by Tom Horton <; about Grace Brush’s research, and beavers, that spells it out: Chesapeake Born Core sediments reveal when a wetter Bay was wildly healthier By Tom Horton on April … Continue reading

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Bay Needs More Work and MONITORING

Report: Bay cleanup shows promise; more work and monitoring ahead File photo Stormwater runoff Polluted stormwater runoff — such as this sediment-laden water in Annapolis — is a vexing problem for the Chesapeake Bay. A report released Tuesday says several … Continue reading

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Watershed Impacts of Development in the BVI

Happened to come across this article in an old on-line issue of BVI Yachting and Property Guide on critical sustainable development issues in the BVI by Shannon Gore of Coastal Management Consulting <;: Smart Development Written by Shannon Gore Friday, … Continue reading

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Erik Michelsen Starts Work at Anne Arundel County DPW as Stormwater Czar

from the Baltimore Sun <,0,1882288.story&gt; — also, Pat Furgurson has a similar, page-one story in the Annapolis Capital: <; South River environmentalist wades into Arundel’s stormwater program By Pamela Wood, The Baltimore Sun 5:16 p.m. EST, February 6, 2014 As … Continue reading

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