Dissolved Oxygen at the Head of Church Creek for 20 days June to July

These are the monitoring results from Church Creek, a sub-watershed in the South River watershed, early in the season — before it gets bad.

Provided by a continuous monitor (“Connie” the con-mon) at the head of the tidal portion of the creek maintained by Dr. Andrew Muller, professor of oceanography at the Academy. Here’s the explanation of the cyclical nature of the dissolved oxygen levels by Capt. Diana Muller, RiverKeeper and Chief Scientist at the South River Federation:

“The picture below is the most recent dissolved oxygen data from Andrew’s meter. This is classic Sediment Oxygen Demand and blooms from the algae. When respiration exceeds photosynthesis, the ecosystem has extended hours of hypoxia. This is a sick system that will take time to heal. Diana”

Capt. Diana Muller
Director of Scientific Research & South RIVERKEEPER

In addition to the several episodes of severe anoxia, note that there are relatively few periods over the three weeks when there is sufficient oxygen to comfortably support fish.

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