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The “Wise Use” Roots of the Bundy Seizure of the Federal Refuge in Oregon

The Sunday New York Times provides some of this background <;, but the 12-year-old piece quoted below from the September 2004 Sierra Club Magazine <; is clearer about the links to Wise Use and militants in the West, including especially … Continue reading

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Routledge Handbook of Ocean Resources and Management

[From Tundi Agardy, Island Resources friend and an expert on the Caribbean Sea, among other marine topics.] Edited by Hance D. Smith, Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero, Tundi S. Agardy © 2015 – Routledge 612 pages | 103 B/W Illus.  Look Inside Description Contents Editors … Continue reading

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Good Sense about Morality from the NewScientist

On-line at <; Morality 2.0: How manipulating our minds could save the world [Emphasis added] Our moral instincts are failing to cope with the dilemmas of the modern world. Is it time to use tricks, pills or brain zaps to … Continue reading

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Intelligent Tourism Talk from VietNam

from the English-language VietNam News <; Updated July, 12 2015 08:38:00 Limited tourism helps keep island green Still pristine: Many visitors to Hoi An City cannot resist the unspoilt beauty of Cham Island, which they can reach in just 25 … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Frank H. Wadsworth:
FORGOTTEN FORESTRY INFORMATION OF PUERTO RICO Frank H. Wadsworth 8-24-2014 Volunteer, International Institute of Tropical Forestry Now that the island is more than half covered with forests and we are having an unprecedented number…

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FAO Takes Action to Assist Small Islands

Linked to a tweet from FAOSIDS: #UNFAO Council: Use of FAO Technical Cooperation Programme 2 help #smallislands adapt to #climatechange @FAO4Members It looks as though much of the programme activity listed below actually took place a year or two … Continue reading

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Dissolved Oxygen at the Head of Church Creek for 20 days June to July

These are the monitoring results from Church Creek, a sub-watershed in the South River watershed, early in the season — before it gets bad. Provided by a continuous monitor (“Connie” the con-mon) at the head of the tidal portion of the … Continue reading

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