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How to Increase the Integration of Cuban Science and Technology with the Global Community

[In my experience both working with Cuba in UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook program, and during birding trips to the island, I’ve been greatly impressed by the depth of Cuban expertise in many science and technology fields. There is a major … Continue reading

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An Example: Caribbean “Priority” for Information Technology

But it should be understood that outsourcing is a meaningful alternative to building in-house capacity. Of course. And somehow there is no dollar cost associated with outsourcing. Or we could call it “mainstreaming.” from the CIVIC e-mail dGroup, quoting the … Continue reading

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Financial Times on Financial Shenanigans Using the Cayman Islands

[After spending a couple of hours watching the movie The Big Short, this all seems pretty normal banking practice, but involving a small island sort of elevates it to a higher plane. Pun intended.  bp] FT Alphaville Why this subprime … Continue reading

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Holiday Giftlet

The fascinating story of tiny Ile Tromelin, as published in the double holiday edition of The Economist. via Lèse humanité | The Economist.

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Pacific Island Youth Speak Out on Climate Change

from the Deutsche-Welle web site: <; PACIFIC ISLANDS Pacific islands youth skeptical of COP21 While small Pacific islands are in danger of vanishing due to rising sea levels, their younger inhabitants are skeptical that the climate summit in Paris will … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Uyghurs Who Went to Palau . . .

A great story from the Globe and Mail . . . <; After Guantanamo, life on Pacific island was difficult NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE BEIJING — The Globe and Mail Published Sunday, Jun. 28, 2015 10:24PM EDT A piece of plywood seals … Continue reading

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“County Defeats Proposals to Change Stormwater Fees ” Doesn’t someone have an oak stake . . . ?

Not sure this “interim win” for the supporters of the essential Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (yes, the “Rain Tax,” as it’s labeled by the right) for repairing the streams and watersheds in Anne Arundel County has been shared on … Continue reading

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FAO Takes Action to Assist Small Islands

Linked to a tweet from FAOSIDS: #UNFAO Council: Use of FAO Technical Cooperation Programme 2 help #smallislands adapt to #climatechange @FAO4Members It looks as though much of the programme activity listed below actually took place a year or two … Continue reading

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How can the Caribbean Claim to be a Center of Innovation for Cyberspace with These Bandwidths??

For example, look at “innovation leader” St. Vincent (by its own admission) with downloads ONE-QUARTER of the average speed in the EU: Snapshot: update of actual Internet download speeds from across the Caribbean, March 2015 An update of actual … Continue reading

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