Annapolis Sustainability Stewardship Project

Check the city’s web site at for additional program details, but there is a current announcement of workshops for “Environmental Stewardship Training,” quoting:

Annapolis Environmental Stewardship Workshop
On Tuesday, September 29, 2009, Annapolis’ Department of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs, Sustainable Annapolis Program will be offering a unique workshop to residents who are interested in becoming certified Environmental Stewards. In addition to the stewardship program, the training will also discuss how residents can use the City’s Carbon Calculator to reduce their carbon footprint.  By using these tools, residents can save money by improving their energy efficiency, lower their impact on the Bay, and support the local economy.  City residents who attend the training will qualify to receive an Eco-Kit at no charge, which is an energy efficiency and environmental tool kit that can help them save $100’s a year in utilities and shave 2 tons of carbon off their annual footprint. 
The stewardship program awards a certificate to households that are able to achieve a certain number of points on the stewardship checklist.  There are a total of nine sections to the checklist: home/office study, food, indoor & cleaning, outdoor & yard, waste management, water conservation, energy, transportation, and miscellaneous. These nine sections will be explored in detail at the training, which will help residents to achieve the household certification. 
As more residents use these tools, the community will get closer to meeting the greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal set in the Sustainable Annapolis Community Action Plan: 25% reduction of 2006 levels by 2012 (50% for the government), 100% by 2050.
The workshop will be held on September 29th, 2009, in the City Council Chambers (160 Duke of Gloucester St), from 7-8:30pm. If you have any questions about the workshop or the stewardship program, you can go to or contact the Department of Neighborhood & Environmental Programs at 410-263-7946. 

Please notify your fellow residents/members about this opportunity.

[Not sure of the number system being used to support the claim that there will be a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.]

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