Damn Egret

Damn Egret

Zooming along on my road bike

my beloved American River bike path

late April still deep green grasses

mini-jungle carpets hiding wild beasts

the green was punctuated by a white

large, long-necked, longer-legged

killing sword-long beak a great egret.


Damn, that damn egret

has speared a frog

my number one spirit helper frog

still squirming, but quickly

to be the egret’s fast-food lunch.


My quick thought was of rescue

but it would have been too late.

Besides the frog was stupid

April careless

or it’s just frog fate.


Down path I ponder.

I lament the swallowed frog.

I decide to bless the frog.

I even bless the crafty, murderous egret.

Yet wonder what message it portents for me?

That it’s my lunch time too.

Even frogs have to pass on.

Frogs need to organize.

I should give up bike riding


Back home I had a succulent

great egret meat on sourdough

sandwich for lunch.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Lesson is:

If you’re cold-blooded, and therefore slow in cool spring days and cold water,
look both ways when coming up out of the hibernating mud. . . . or wait for May.
. .

About Bruce

Work for sustainable development of small islands; ex-Peace Corps (Volunteer and staff) in LA & Caribbean; cruised Caribbean on S/Y Meander for three years; like small tropical islands, French canals, Umbria, Tasmania, and NZ. Married 52 years to the late Kincey Burdett Potter (see Kincey.org). Former president of Island Resources Foundation.
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