Maybe this is how the end of the world looks . . . .

This photo — used on the 12 July cover of the new Christian Science Monitor magazine — is one of the ugliest pictures (not featuring creatures in distress) I’ve seen, since the Kuwaiti oil field vandalism by Iraq prior to the first Gulf War.

[I was too lazy to try to track down the source photo. . . ]

Got ambition and looked it up !


and here’s the cover treatment



PS — I don’t think we learned squat from the spill. I learned all I need to know about venality and stupidity a long time before BP or AIG or Enron etc etc etc. . . . . .

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Work for sustainable development of small islands and the Chesapeake Bay; ex-Peace Corps (Volunteer and staff) in LA & Caribbean; cruised Caribbean on S/Y Meander for three years; like small tropical islands, French canals, Umbria, Tasmania, and NZ. Married 52 years to the late Kincey Burdett Potter (see President of the now-sunsetting Island Resources Foundation.
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1 Response to Maybe this is how the end of the world looks . . . .

  1. Bruce Potter says:

    ok, the photo and the cover are not identical but the ugliness is. . .

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