River Otters Spotted in the South River!

From the South River Federation . . . . .

Otter-ly Fantastic News!
Dear Kincey and Bruce,

Holiday cheer is in the air and we are thrilled to have exciting news about the South River.  The Federation has been receiving reports of river otter sightings throughout the river!  The photo above was taken just this week of three otters frolicking around the headwaters near Flat Creek.  We have had other reports of sightings in Duvall Bay, Edgewater Beach, Sylvan Shores, and Harbor Hills.

Article ImageThe population of North American river otters (Lontra canadensis) has suffered significant losses largely due to habitat loss, but also to pollution and trapping.  To see a comeback in the South River is truly an exciting moment for us. As a strict carnivore, the river otter is an excellent indicator of ecosystem health.  Over time, pollutants such as mercury and PCBs that are retained in the otter’s food can accumulate in their system in a process known as biomagnification.  If the water quality is too poor, the otters cannot survive. (Photo: River otter eating a sunfish at Wilelinor)

If you spot one of the fun loving, playful, and smart creatures, take a moment to observe them.  However, RIVERKEEPER ®, Diana Muller cautions to not touch or go near them as with any wildlife.  Having been fortunate enough to see one herself, Diana will be keeping track of all river otter sightings as well as beaver sightings.  If you are lucky enough to see one of these adorable creatures, please send us the date, time, and GPS location of the sighting.  If you are able to take pictures, please do share them with us!

To learn more about these beautiful creatures, visit the National Geographic pages on the river otter or beaver.  ARKive also has an extensive collection on river otter and beaver photography.

Happy Holidays,
South River Federation Staff

Article Image
River otter eating a carp at Wilelinor
Article Image  
Beaver lodge at the Edgewater Elementary bog
Article Image
Willow tree gnawed by a beaver

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