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Apocalypse-ready German designer makes tiny houses from Dumpsters


German designer Philipp Stingl has fashioned homes for the homeless out of Dumpsters. They’re actually pretty nifty, too. They have locks, trash disposal systems, even a little sewage system. Sure, they’re not spacious, but if they’re your only alternative — if you’re homeless, but also if you’re just trying to hide from marauders after the coming ecopocalypse — they seem reasonably cozy.

Stingl submitted his work to be featured on designboom, and this is what he wrote:

as the demographic evolution in germany and other countries becomes more dramatic, social systems will collapse and from the ashes an aging society will rise, marked by crime, sickness and poverty. developed by german designer philipp stingl, these products designed for the homeless and elderly population presents ’house containers’ consisting of disposable trashboxes, drinking water canisters, freighthold and a lockable livingspace with sewage systems. essentially, these ‘living containers’ testify to an active and creative lifestyle for the old age without compromises.

It’s pretty ambitious to expect people (especially old people!) to maintain an “active and creative lifestyle” given that “social systems will collapse and from the ashes an aging society will rise, marked by crime, sickness and poverty.” It all sounds very depressing. But if anything can create a miracle, it’s a Dumpster we can sleep and poop in.

Dumpsters Get Turned Into Living Containers


To help house the homeless and elderly, Germany-based designer Philipp Stingl has turned garbage dumpsters into living containers. 

Dubbed ‘House Containers’, the dumpsters were equipped with disposable trash boxes, drinking water canisters, sewage systems and locks—so that they could become real ‘homes’ for people, while providing a future solution for the lack of living spaces to house the poor. 




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