New Edition of the Ramsar Handbooks

The Secretariat of Ramsar Convention has just announced the launch of the first Handbook in the 5th Edition Ramsar Handbook Series. It is entitled “An Introduction to the Convention on Wetlands” and replaces “The Ramsar Convention Manual”.

“An Introduction to the Convention on Wetlands” is aimed at a diverse and extensive audience and explains the role of the Convention and how it works. The Handbook is currently being translated into French and Spanish.

The 5th Edition Handbooks will be organized under three sub-series, covering International Cooperation on Wetlands; Wise Use of Wetlands; and Wetlands Conservation and Management.

Handbook 2, “The Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024”, is scheduled to be released in July.

The 5th Edition Series includes:


Handbook 1: An Introduction to the Convention on Wetlands

Handbook 2: The Ramsar Strategic Plan 2016-2024

Handbook 3: International cooperation

Handbook 4: Ramsar Regional Initiatives

Handbook 5: Partnerships


Handbook 6: Wise use of wetlands, sustainable development and poverty eradication

Handbook 7: Freshwater-related guidance

Handbook 8: Wise use of wetlands in the coastal zone and small islands

Handbook 9: Wetland cities

Handbook 10: Wetlands and health

Handbook 11: Wetlands, including peatlands, climate change and disaster risk reduction

Handbook 12: Implementing CEPA with participatory skills

Handbook 13: Strategic environmental assessment

Handbook 14: Wetlands and culture


Handbook 15: National wetland policies, laws and institutions

Handbook 16: Designating Ramsar Sites

Handbook 17: Addressing change in wetland ecological character

Handbook 18: Managing wetlands

Handbook 19: Avian influenza and wetlands

Handbook 20: Inventory, assessment and monitoring

Handbook 21: Wetland education centres

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Work for sustainable development of small islands and the Chesapeake Bay; ex-Peace Corps (Volunteer and staff) in LA & Caribbean; cruised Caribbean on S/Y Meander for three years; like small tropical islands, French canals, Umbria, Tasmania, and NZ. Married 52 years to the late Kincey Burdett Potter (see President of the now-sunsetting Island Resources Foundation.
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