The Art of the Deal

Actually sounds like a great deal. From your Washington Post, March 18 2020: More lifesaving ventilators are available. Hospitals can’t afford them. Typically $25,000 to $50,000 each.


More lifesaving ventilators are available. Hospitals can’t afford them.

America’s private health system was not set up to maintain backup supplies, leaving a gap that could cost lives …

On Friday, April 10, 2020, 11:43:58 AM EDT, Bruce G. Potter <> wrote:

The Washington Post, 9 April 2020, page A19,

”U. S. to Pay GM $490 million for 30,000 Ventilators.”

So the World’s Greatest Negotiator was able to get the price down to $16,333.33 apiece???

My grand-niece Courtney could’ve gotten them delivered to your door for $16,000, with an extra SUP board thrown in for her.

And if niece Janie led the negotiation, the price would’ve been $12,000 with individualized paint jobs to order.

And Jennifer would have gotten the ventilators donated for free, as long as they had a Cadillac hood ornament.

The guy’s a piker.

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