William and Mary: “Hearth” Memorial to those enslaved

Dear Bruce —

Many, many thanks for passing this along. I feel a little better just reading it. In a "large, loose, baggy monster" of a memoir I finally finished during these existential COVID-19 times, I regretted I hadn’t been more assertive–as you were–about racial segregation at W&M during our senior "Flat Hat" year. Passing it off as youthful myopia doesn’t really work for me.

In filling out the recent W&M renaming form, I asked the committee to consider whether the fact Ole Miss (and Centre College) could integrate in 1962 had something to do with Paschall’s role in Virginia’s "Massive Resistance" program in the late ’50s.

I’ll pass this along to Steve Mosier, who joined me carrying a sign "William and Mary Honors Martin Luther King, Jr." during his "I have a dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial just before we began our senior year.

Kentucky news: Sandy & I aren’t convinced Amy McGrath can actually beat Mitch McConnell in November–but Amy’s now polling within a few points of the Trump turtle/lapdog, causing McConnell to spend massively on advertising here that would otherwise go to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. We’d planned on finally returning to Williamsburg before a family reunion in June, maybe even surprising Crow & Carol Ann. It is what it is.

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